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DEWALT DW618PK Product Review

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My next post will provide you with a lesson. That has been inspired by dw618pk table (Although I'm using dw618pk home depot as an example, note that the points I make apply to dw618pk reconditioned as well). They need to establish customary communication. This is no wonder we are going in the dumps. It has been lip smacking good. A portion of outsiders even sense that DEWALT DW618PK was invented by the Romans.

Note: This is a review, click here to visit the DEWALT DW618PK site.

I invested a lot of time when deciding which router kit I wanted and finally chose the DeWalt model. I chose from a short list of the top-selling kits below, all of which I actually used in a real test environment: * Makita RF1101KIT (w/free edge guide and dust collection) * Porter-Cable 693VSPK (w/free edge guide, no dust collection) * Bosch 1617EVSP * DeWalt DW618PK edge guide When all is said and done, All are very well-built machines by reliable manufacturers. I did not choose the Porter Cable because of the tool-required change from base to base as well as the lower power and lack of soft-start. The Bosch lost because of the flimsy edge guide they offer (currently free) and the tendency for dust to really collect near the bit and block your view. It came down to the Makita and the Dewalt, and both performed VERY well, and had everything I asked for (micro adjustment, easy motor change, soft start, 2.25HP, easy-plunge control etc.) At first, the Makita had the "edge" :) because it came with the free edge guide, and the DeWalt cost ($) more. However, I finally decided on the DeWalt because the dust collection was truly integrated with the unit (the Makita's was a separate, but included, plate you attached), and that's what pushed it over the edge. The only other real difference was the DeWalt has a removeable power cord, which wasn't a deal-maker, but is nice. Other than the slight heaviness (The Bosch was the lightest), I am completely pleased with my purchase as it works just awesome. When all is said and done, the DeWalt was the most expensive, because you have to buy the edge guide separately, but besides that, the DeWalt is the winner.

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This is a great kit. Someone in marketing is listening to the consumer wish list. Removable cord set, no tool motor removal, variable speed, etc. I look at many before deciding to go with this one. I made the right choice. But that said, I still don't think the guys who design the units ever actually use them to make anything. The only thing I don't like about the kit is in the fixed base unit. The motor is too close to the dust collection tube. It makes it hard to get the motor in and out. It helps to remove the cap on the top. But other than that, all thumbs up!!